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Bumps in V.I.P. at Caesars Palace's "PURE" in Las Vegas --winter 2010


'Gabriel Ramon Salas (born July 19), better known by his stage name Frank Bumps (which is a play on a childhood nickname and an homage to Las Vegas entertainer/performer Frank Sinatra) is an American hip-hop recording artist, song-writer, producer, and clothing design artist from Las Vegas, NV. Frank Bumps is currently the owner of and as of July 2011 is working on his first official studio release Two Minutes After 7 (translated as 7:02 and is a play on the areacode of his hometown Las Vegas, NV - 702) which will be available locally and online via his official website and eBay .'

Early LifeEdit

Bumps was born at home on July 19, delivered by his own father in his parents' 2 bedroom public housing unit at the Las Vegas Housing Authority at 505 N. Lamb Blvd . Born to Puerto Rican father, Juan Salas and Native American mother, Christine Buck; Gabriel being the youngest of three as well as the only boy, learned to use his imagination and creativity to entertain himself at an early age.

Labeled a disciplinary problem since grade school and said to not have any self-control, Bumps was what most would've considered a "trouble youth". By thirteen, he was noticably the youngest of his peers and quite possibly the hungriest for success. Coming from a humble upbringing, he developed a obsession with material things, which he had no means to obtain. His options became: sports, music, crime.

Sports vs. MusicEdit

As early as 5 y/o Salas had been infatuated with sports. Playing, watching and collecting basketball, baseball and football memorabilia including trading cards, posters and officially licensed aparrel.

Basektball became his sole athletic passion once in middle school. Constantly younger, smaller and of a different ethnicity than his peers, he was forced to learn to use his speed and agility against the much larger and stronger opposition. He has been regarded by many in his local area as one of the best ball-handlers they've ever known, being compared to an early Allen Iverson.

Also during these years he was introduced to classical music (Mozart, Beethoven, Bach etc.) and was fascinated. He chose band as an elective course in school and spent the majority of his time either working on his cross-over or mastering his vibrato. After having become a first-chair soloist in the band and starting point guard on the school's basketball team by 8th grade, juggling his passions became somewhat of a daunting task. His performance(s) in the school's band landed him the opportunity to join the Las Vegas Academy for Performing Arts which he refused to focus solely on basketball at his zone school.

After his freshman year in high school he became such a disciplinary problem that he was deemed ineligable to compete in any high school extra cirricular activity and was relocated to an alternative school for students with habitual disciplinary referrals. Coming from an urban upbringing, the transition from sports to music seemed natural as his collection of minority idols included athletes and musicians that come from humble beginnings.

Musical StylesEdit

A student of hip hop, Bumps uses an array of different rhyme-schemes, formatting and cadence when writing/performing lyrics. Using multi-syllable rhyme-patterns and harmonizing using his raspy voice are among his trademark sound. He displays a vast understanding of the English language, utilizing metphors, similies, personification and very clever word association techniques within his works.


Frankie admittedly comes from a family that is very passionate for music. Although, neither of his parents or siblings are musicians. His mother would play MoTown records every Sunday while she completed her chores. His father on the other hand would blast classic-rock vinyls at night. His two sisters had a more modern taste for music, ranging from hardcore rap to 90s grunge and alternative rock during his upbringing. The first album that he ever bought using his own earnings was "Puff Daddy And The Family: No Way Out" which included Harlem MC Ma$e, Biggie and The L.O.X. amongst other Bad Boy recording artists. This exposure to the different genres of music eventually became a major influence in his growth musically.

After long, he would develop a hunger for more thought-provoking lyrics and concepts which would lead him towards acts such as Nas, Jay-Z, the late Big L, Canibus, Eminem, the late Big Pun, Royce The 5'9" and underground artists such as Jedi Mind Tricks and Swollen Members.

As he matured, what he described as a "disgust for mainstream or commercial rap" dwindled and he even came to accept it as being "necessary for the evolution of our music".

Underground Music SceneEdit

In high school, Bumps, along with budding local talent including KVEG Hot97 DJ D-Money, local rappers Thursty, J Almighty and the late Amir "Trajik" Crump would hold daily cyphers in the caffeteria of school, weekend battles on the Las Vegas Strip and has been the cause of local house-parties transforming from a dance party, to one big cypher. Known more for his clever punchlines and graphic metaphors, Frankie gained notoriety for being one of the best young local MCs.

Conscious of the path that other "battle-rappers" had been led down, he made an important transition into a song-writer/recording artist rather than what he describes as a "circus sideshow battle rapper who can't write songs".

Latest activityEdit